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Knowing how to use resources is one of the most important skills a business owner needs to have, especially if you’re in the HVAC industry.

The Ductless Directory is a National Marketing Campaign designed to help HVAC Contractors solve some of their biggest problems. Online Directories are a powerful resource - Niche specific directories are especially powerful because of the highly relevant back links member receive.

Ductless Directory

HVAC Companies Face Unique Marketing Challenges.
HVAC contractors have one of the most difficult SEO projects. Every inquiry starts with a web search, an if you’re a contractor there are over 1000 valuable search terms. That’s before you consider the search volume for the Ductless Heat Pump, one of the most exciting products in the industry.

PROBLEM #1: High Volume of Valuable Search Terms
Consumers search for heating and cooling products and services in countless ways. There are well over 1,000 valuable search terms for HVAC Companies. A quick search of keywords shows hundreds in the Ductless Category alone.

PROBLEM #2: No Clear Message.
Many websites lack a meaningful message and are simply too large and poorly organized making it hard for consumers to find the content they need to make a decision. 

PROBLEM #3: Hard to Get Noticed Online
Today Google delivers over 3,300,000 search results for 'Ductless Contractor' however only a handful ever make it to the first page of search results.  Using an authority site, like the Ductless Directory provides a big SEO advantage. 




  • Benefits Section: Consumers identify the benefits of going ductless. From saving money to increasing home comfort to increasing Indoor Air Quality. 
  • Application Section: Helps the consumers self-identify themselves as a ductless customer by showing them when it's a good time to consider ductless.
  • Resource Section: We advocate for the qualified ductless contractor and educate the consumer on the of hiring a quality contractor. 
  • Blog Posts: Fresh, unique content designed to educate and entertain the consumer.  The Blog Posts also provide an opportunity for contractors to get featured and share on their social media. 
  • Press Releases: Gain more visibility via our Press Room and Press Releases
  • Video Marketing: High Efficiency Listings get high quality videos which are promoted on our YouTube channel
  • Brand Page: Manufacturers or Distributors can gain more exposure with a Brand Page
  • Featured Product Pages: Get more attention for your brand which a Featured Product page. 
  • The State Pages:  Adopt a state and take the lead online. The State Pages increase visibility for a brand throughout the entire state.  

"I created the Ductless Directory to be a win for everyone involved. It elevates the contractor, the manufacturer and the product and of course it's a win for me and my team as we are very proud of the contribution to the industry."
Michelle LaFrance, Founder, Ductless Directory

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